What is sugar brew?

Howie’s alcohol comes from fermented pure cane sugar. By using our sugar brew, we have a non-malty, clean, crisp taste.

How much alcohol is in Howie’s?

Our Spiked  Tea’s and Lemonade each contain 5% alcohol by volume.

Is Howie’s gluten-free?

Yes. We do not use any grains, our alcohol comes from the fermentation of pure cane sugar.

Fewer Calories? How is this possible?

By using our sugar brew and adding a small amount of Sucralose, we are able to create a clean, crisp Sweet Tea and Lemonade.

Why does Howie’s taste so good?

We make it with love and if that is not enough, we only use the finest teas, fresh lemons, and pure cane sugar to blend and produce the finest Spiked Teas and Lemonades.

How can I get some cool Howie’s swag?

We are having fun and creating a number of small-run limited edition shirts for our distributing partners, but if you send us a cool recipe with some pictures and if we use it, we will send you some swag.

What is the shelf Life of Howie’s?

Howie’s Spiked is great for 18 months after production, hopefully, it will not take you that long to enjoy an ice-cold Howie’s

Can I order Howie’s online?

We wish, but because of alcohol shipping laws, Howie’s must be purchased through a licensed retailer.

Are you on Social media?

Yes. Visit us on Facebook, and Instagram. Be sure to share your best Howie’s recipes and photos.